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Who we are

Who we are

Our team is a very experienced group that has valuable experience in wealth, media and sports management.

Wide network

Q Sports Management wide network of agents, scouts, and support staff ensures that when represented by us there is a large family behind you.

100% qualified

All our team are DBS checked plus hold the required professional qualifications.

Experienced team

Within our team, we have made it key that all individuals have previous experience within the industry. This means that all of our team understand the wants and needs of all athletes.

Reliable leadership

At QSM, our chairman is the father of a successful player who plays at a very prestigious Premier League club. Our MD was a talented player (but not that talent led to playing professionally) instead he chose business and becoming an agent.

You see, we know what we’re talking about as we have been there!

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We have a group of talented intermediaries who have all either played the game or worked within it.

kian leadership

Kian Darwell-Taylor

Managing Director / FA Registered Intermediary

Kian is one of the youngest agents in the UK to be licensed by the FA. His passion and commitment experience stems from his love of the game, that he has played since a very young age at high level. Whilst he didn’t ‘make it’ as a professional player himself he knew he wanted to be play a role in World football in some way.

He has already worked on a number of football and sports related projects, plus has established an extensive, enviably, global network of industry professionals within clubs, brands, sponsors, academies, associations, affiliates and players that he works closely with.

Kian has a demonstrated, proven track-record of recruiting and managing a range of stakeholders within sport.

Having already worked within the industry for the past three years he also has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what make a good agent plus what it takes to succeed in today’s game.

perviz leadership

Perviz Qureshi

Executive Partner / FA Registered Intermediary

Perviz is an established successful entrepreneur who has worked within the international Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) market globally.

He has built a number of successful businesses spanning property development, hotels and leisure, luxury goods and luxury cars.

But perhaps more interestingly he is also the father of a rising Category 1 club and International player. Having been in this position Perviz fully understands and appreciates what is required from a good sports mangement company. And to ensure the career of loved ones is looked after now and in the future throughout their career.

nabeel team member

Nabeel Qureshi

Talent Identification

Nabeel is currently a final year student at Nottingham Trent University. His passion and interest of football come from being in a football oriented family and playing the game at a high level from young, as well as being the brother of a promising young talent playing at a Category 1 club.

He is eager to work in the business industry of sport hence the course he is studying at university, where he will continue to grow his knowledge and understanding in the business side of sport.

Nabeel has been working at QSM as he has become widely connected with upcoming and current football players and believes in maintaining a strong relationship with all players connected with this agency.

morgan team member

Morgan Whittick

Talent Identification

Morgan was born in North West London and raised in Wembley. He is currently in his last year of university, studying a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Business Management. He is keen to become involved in the sports world in order to expand his expertise and network. His enthusiasm for football has helped him to continue growing, whether that be on the field or in his understanding of the beautiful game. Morgan has earned many qualifications with The FA ;to note a few Level 1 coaching, talent identification, and concussion guidelines certifications.

Morgan began doing 1-2-1’s during lockdown with a main goal of making sure a few of his friends and family members that play in Cat 1/2 academies stayed sharp and were prepared for the comeback. The feedback after was very positive and Some players claimed he really helped them secure Scholars and first professional contracts. Due to this, Morgan had a spell where he began working with Harrow United, a local team where the focus was developing skills for kids aged from U5-U15.

We came across Morgan through a player that he’d coached from the agency and after a few conversations realised we shared the same passion, values and goals. We are delighted he is part of the team and he is very excited to develop his career and qualifications through Q Sports Management.

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